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Based on the ASTROTHRILLę mini-comics, new psycho/techno songs featuring Craig Clark and produced by ex-Chorus of Souls member Kenny Lefort.

"Desert Planet Disk", full color comic/comp CD/DVD
includes tracks from Astrothrill, Pulse, Chorus of Souls, Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones,
Candy Ass, Millennium Brothers, Drumatic, Iso Section, Penis Flytrap, 29 Died, Purr Machine,
Tintamarre, Doppleganger, Sluts for Hire, Leaving Trains, Bell Rays, and Gwen Mars. Available NOW for only $10.00!!.

The Astrothrill 10 minute Animated short is now on DVD
and comes with each Astrothrill comic/CD set!
That's right! A color comic/CD and DVD all in one cool package!

Astrothrill Meets Fu Manchu

The DVD includes-
-Astrothrill 10 min short
-The "Beit" making of TV segment
-also an early animated short- "Tick Talk"

Exclusively from Cheeky Press/ Fluxus Records
Order from us here!


Astrothrill comic sample

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